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What’s better than a really good sandwich?


Our mission at The Los Angeles Banh Mi Company is simple… live, laugh, and eat a great sandwich!


In Vietnamese ‘banh mi’ means bread, and that’s what we start off with in all of our sandwiches … a light, crispy, classic French roll. And then the magic happens, we fill our sandwiches with a variety of deliciously prepared ingredients ranging from Vietnamese style beef or chicken marinated in lemongrass, house-made pork sausage (nem nuong), slow roasted Asian style pulled pork, spicy fried chicken, or traditional Vietnamese cold cuts. For the perfect bite, we then top them off with freshly pickled vegetables, jalapeno, cilantro, or you even have the option of adding a perfectly fried egg.


Being raised in southern California, our goal is to bring our guests an amazing sandwich reminiscent of traditional Asian flavors that we grew up with. We hope our sandwich creations will give our guests a little taste of home or even introduce them to something new.


“Let’s face it. Life is better between two pieces of bread” – Jeff Mauro

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